The Problem

A client of ours is a Wholesale Insurance Brokers.  They provide insurance products from people like LLoyds to the High Street Insurance Brokers who deal with the public.  They are based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, have over 2,000 broker clients and take up a whole floor of an office building.  Health & Safety will only allow a maximum number of employees on each floor.

As (at the time) their business was growing nicely (and still is!), was heavily paper based so needed a large amount of storage space, were within 1 employee of filling the available floor allowance, they need a solution to enable more business to be transacted without employing more staff or renting a whole floor of the building for one member of staff.

The Solution

What was provided was an online, ‘Compare The Market’ type system for their 2,000+ high street client insurance brokers. The brokers are able to enter their customers details and obtain comparative quotations across a numbers of Lloyds Groups, including Policy Documents, Key Points and exclusions, etc.

The Features

  • 100% online
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Valid quotations within seconds

The Benefits

  • Existing staff processed far more proposals than ever before
  • Paperwork reduced
  • Human Errors significantly reduced
  • Reduced cost per quotation
  • Better customer service
  • No need to hire more staff or office space
  • ROI < 12 months