The Problem

A client of ours is one of the UK's top National Car Valeting Companies. They provide car valeters, equipment and consumables to Car Dealerships nationally to maintain their clients cars in pristine condition on their forecourts, in their showrooms and after workshop repairs and servicing.  They are based in Benfleet, Essex, UK and have 100's of client Dealerships across the UK.

At the time, their business administration was heavily paper.  The sales staff had to fill out a paper docket for each vehicle that required valeting, take it to the valeting bay(s) and then wait for the valeter to come back and confirm the job completed.

This wasted a lot of time for the sales staff and generated considerable amounts of paperwork, all of which had to be posted back to the Valeting Companies offices for collation, invoices generated and valeter wages calculated.

The cost of printing just the work docket booklets for all the car dealerships' sales staff was many £1,000's pa.

Add to this the fact that some other car valeting companies like Farther Valeting and Assumed Valeting already had their own online applications which was negatively impacting on sales promotion.

The Solution

What was provided was an online Booking System with Diary and Workflow Planning facilities for their Car Dealership clients and their own onsite valeting teams.

The Features

  • 100% online
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Total Management Oversite (by mobile if necessary).
  • Valet Tasks visible immediately on the Valeting Bay PC's
  • Both Sales staff and Valeters have up-to-the-minute information

The Benefits

  • Huge amounts of time saved and put to productive use
  • Significant reduction in Paperwork.
  • Human Errors significantly reduced
  • Better internal customer service
  • ROI < 18 months