The Problem

A client of ours is a 'Virtual Office' business run by two lovely young ladies and three members of staff.  They provide outsourced office services like bookkeeping, invoice chasing and taking phone calls/making appointments for their clients.

As their business was growing rapidly, they were taking more and more phone calls for their clients.  Post-it notes and scraps of paper soon became inadequate to the task of effective call management.  Their stress levels were going up a lot faster than their income!

The Solution

What we provided was an online, Customer Call Manager application for them to provide their clients with a customer based telephone and call processing service that increased client productivity, reduced the processing time per call and ensured their clients staff and customers always knew what was happening via automated SMS and Email notifications.

The Features

  • 100% online
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Each customer has their own account.

The Benefits

  • All calls logged and responded to
  • Paperwork eliminated
  • Human Errors significantly reduced
  • Better customer service for your clients customers
  • More paying clients can have their calls serviced.