Our Online Car Valeting Management System makes valeting management far quicker and easier than ever before! 

 As you already know, using paperwork to book and manage car valets can be a huge hassle. You need to provide paper forms to car dealerships so they can book each valet, and then you need to deal with all that paperwork while you sort out wages, produce invoices and more. It is both time consuming and costly.

Now there is a MUCH EASIER WAY...

Valeter Manager is an online booking system for vehicle valeting companies which helps make bookings and management incredibly easy compared to paper-based systems.

With Valeter Manager, your whole valeting business becomes far simpler, easier and quicker to organise and manage.

How it works

Valeter Manager is 100% Internet Based and can be easily accessed through computers in your valeting bay, your office, and the car dealership(s) which you work with. The system is linked together online, which means you, your valeting staff and your clients can securely log in to use the system.

Easy Vehicle Valet Booking. Instead of using a paper form, the car dealership sales staff can simply login, enter valet details and then submit the booking. The booking will then be sent through the internet, and your valet team will be immediately able to see it on their own computer.

Automated Valet Scheduling. The diary system allows all of your individual valeters to know their schedule for the day simply by checking the system. It will tell them which vehicle needs valeting, exactly which tasks to perform and what time the vehicle needs to be ready for. Everything is updated in real-time, so you can let the system do all that work!

Have A Real Time, Comprehensive 24/7 Management Overview of all client and valeter activities. If you’re based in the office, you can log into the system and see a detailed log of the valets being carried out. You will be able to instantly keep track of all completed and planned valets, read out an valet history from specific customers, find out the workload of each valeter and much more.

Need To Change Or Update A Booking? No problem. Just login, make the change and then the booking will be updated for the valeters and your client in real time.

Valeter Manager Doesn’t Just Benefit Your Business! It Improves The Experience Of Your Clients Too. Your car dealership clients can use the system to monitor their sales staff 24/7. They can also monitor their own valet spending, monitor the number of valet jobs and view weekly management reports.

How useful could Valeter be for my business?

Valeter Manager is a comprehensive management system which integrates and automates the entire booking process. Clients can create bookings from the comfort of their own premises, and your valeters will instantly see them on the computerised system.

All without a single paper form in sight!

Valeter can make workflow planning and time management almost effortless. Plus, as all completed booking can be listed on screen, it can become far easier than ever before to issue invoices and calculate payments for valeters.

It doesn’t need ANY installation!
Valeter is your own personal online application which can be securely accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Once Valeter is set up online, all your staff and car dealership(s) need to do is visit the unique web address and login using their username and password. Computers with web browsers and internet connections are all that’s needed.

How easy is it to use?
The interfaces are designed to be as simple and as straightforward as possible. Both you, your valeters and your clients can get to grips with it in minutes and start experiencing the amazing benefits the Valeter System offers. Plus, we can provide training and support wherever it’s needed.

You can have your own web-based valet booking system no matter how large or small your business is!
All you need is a PC with an internet connection. It’s a bespoke system which is affordable for valeting businesses of any size.

Valeter is ideal for:


  • Valet businesses who want their own affordable online booking and management system
  • Valet businesses who want to ditch the cumbersome paper forms and give themselves an advantage over the competition
  • Valeters which want to save hours of time and effort by making use of the latest technology
  • Car dealerships which want easy booking and real-time control of their valet bookings
  • Car dealerships which want to monitor their operations and sales staff more closely
  • Independent and franchised mobile valeters