Customer Call Management - Works Your Way


CCM is designed to work the way you want to manage and handle telephone calls from your customers. It works the way you want to work.

No matter what type of business you are, CCM provides all the facilities that you need for effective Customer Call Management and Call Processing.

If you run a Virtual Call Centre or a Virtual Call/Telephone Answering Service then our multi Account version of CCM will enable you to handle and process all the calls from customers to your clients with the minimum of time and effort.

Whether your client is a multi office business with many staff out on the road, in meetings, etc, or just a one man plumbing business who doesn't want to be disturbed when fixing a boiler, CCM will do the job.

Features & Benefits::

  • Easy To Use
  • Low Cost Pricing Plans
  • Web Based
  • Nothing To Install
  • No Time Wasting Features
  • Configurable By You

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