Web Based Business Applications like Diary/Booking Systems, Stock Control, Call Management, etc, are essential these days to help businesses provide superior customer experiences as well as reducing your own business costs.  Being web based, they are accessable from anywhere on any Smart Phone, iPad, Laptop or your own office PC's, 24/7.  No installing or upgrading, it all happen automatically.  All our Web Based Business Applications are customisable to your specific needs.

What is a Web Based (or web database) Application?

A web based application is simply a programme that lives and runs on the web, like a web site.  Your online banking service is an example of this, albeit a very complex example.  Most web based applications are really quite simple programmes.

You use these programme via your favourite web browser, which means that wherever you can access the Internet, you can use them.  They are not installed on your computer so there is nothing to keep up to date.

A web app should be designed for your business and the people in your business.  It should be simple and intuitive to use.  It most certainly should not be a demonstration of how clever the programmer thinks he is.

A web app is often referred to as "cloud based" and as "Software as a Service".  All this means is that the application lives on a web server, not on your local PC's hard disk.

How does a web site differ from a web application?

A website is a collection of pages consisting mostly of static content, images and video, with limited interactive functionality (i.e. except for the contact form and search functionality). The primary role of a website is to inform. Some websites use content management systems to display dynamic content, but their nature is still informational.

Web applications, on the other hand, are dynamic, interactive systems that help businesses perform business critical tasks and increase and measure their productivity. Thus, the primary role of a Web application is to perform a function that serves the user’s tasks and according to defined business rules.  For example, an appointment booking system for a health club or hairdressers.

Why do I need one and what will it do for me?

These days, all businesses must reduce costs and improve invoicable productivity.  The purpose of a web application is to achieve this for you.  If they don't, they are a waste of time and money.

As all businesses differ, so do the web applications that will be of benefit to that business.

Most businesses actually need web apps set up to work the way you run your business.  You should not need to use 'work arounds' to get the web app working the way you want it to work.

What will it do for my business?

Correctly designed and set up, web apps will free up your time and provide a better experience for your customers.  Simplicity is the key.  The easier it is to use, the more likely your customer is to use the application and end up buying from you.

Many Web applications have dashboards. A dashboard is a view of the most important information needed to take action and make decisions. It is confined to a single page and is usually the starting point of an application. Dashboards are important because they enable users to access information and take action without having to wade through a complex navigation system.

How do I get one?

Simple.  Phone us and describe the how your business works and what you want the application to do for you.

Aren't they expensive?

No.  Most web apps, being web based, are available to you for a low, fixed monthly fee.

If you have an application created specifically for you, there is an initial development fee, but then all you have is one small monthly hosting fee (about £10).  The app is yours for life.

So how do you go about developing an application for me?

As we said before, describe to us how your business works and what you want the application to do for you.  This is the most important part of the process.  It usually takes several meetings and the exchange of planning documents to get the point where you are confident we understand your needs, and we are confident we have designed the correct solution for you.  After that, we start creating you application, with regular meetings to discuss progress.

So, is your business demanding functionality that doesn't exist in your current systems?

Do you have to change how you work just to use the software?

If the answer is yes, please call me.